Jimmy "the Brick" Flick back in action Friday October 19

Jimmy “The Brick” Flick (11-4) will be back in action as the co-main event, Friday October 19 at LFA 52 in Belton, TX, live on AXS.tv. He’s fighting Cee Jay “The Autobot” Hamilton (13-6) out of Hartwell, GA. Jimmy took the fight on short notice, replacing Jonathan Martinez (9-1), less than 3 weeks after winning his XFN 352 fight on UFC Fight Pass.

Q: Tell us about your opponent.

Jimmy: Cee Jay Hamilton has fought on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender show where he lost a close decision. So he’s a game opponent, really tough. It’s going to be a really good test.

Q: What are Cee Jay’s strengths as a fighter?

Jimmy: It looks like he’s got good takedown defense with a karate background. He likes to bang and throw big punches. I think my punches are straighter. I’d like to get him into a brawl and see what happens! Come fight night I’m gonna go out there, and show up, and put on a show.

Q: A lot of people were amazed at the level of toughness and heart you displayed in your last fight. This fight is coming pretty close to that fight. Are you showing another level of toughness to your fans?

Jimmy: After the last fight, yeah it was tough, it showed how much heart I have. I took a few days off, and got a huge opportunity here. I’ll be fighting within 20 days of my last fight. I’m all healed up. My body didn’t take any damage. I had a little black eye, but no cuts. The 5 days off helped out a lot. I got back into the gym, my weight is on point. I did a catch weight for health reasons because it was a full cut on such a short period of time. Come Thursday night, I’m going to make the weight, and hydrate back up. We’re going to go out there and put on a show, October 19 on AXS.tv!

Q: Watching you spar, you seem really sharp, like you’re continuing this training camp from the previous camp. Is that what you’re feeling?

A: Yeah, I feel like I didn’t lose anything with the short period of time I took off. I jumped right back in there, where usually I take 2 weeks off and let my body heal, spend time with my family. This time I was fortunate enough that my wife told me to “get back in there, you have a big opportunity!” Training has been going great. I train at CrossFit Sand Springs. Rose and Matt over there are great people. I’ve been training there a few days per week. It’s helped my strength and conditioning to be phenomenal. I highly recommend CrossFit Sand Springs. And I’ve been getting a lot of work in at Thunderkick Fitness and SheepDog jiu-jitsu. Just training my butt off, getting ready to go out there and put on a show!

Q: So where can people watch your fight?

Jimmy: It’s live on AXS.tv. I have two local sponsors showing it. The Office on Main in downtown Sand Springs, only a few minutes from downtown Tulsa. I also have the Sand Springs Elk Lodge 2553, They’re off of 209th out by the Keystone Dam. Great place, great people, and they serve great food. It’s also steak night from 6-8:30. You can a big ol’ steak and sides and everything. They’re an awesome place, and have been supporting me for a long time. So if you can, go out and watch it there with everyone, having a good time!

Q: It’s in Belton, TX right?

A: Belton is right before Austin. I have a lot of fans near Corpus Christi, and in Texas, I’ve fought all over Texas. If you want to get tickets, go to lfatix.com, find LFA 52, find my name, and I’d appreciate it. We’ll have a good time out there, next Friday night.

Q: Do you want to give a shoutout to any of your sponsors?

A: I’d love to. Tulsa Plastics. Blue Line Signs. The Big Elk, they’ve been supporting me for a long time. Tulsa Sports Acupuncture, Matthew Sheets has been a great dude out in Broken Arrow. If you’ve never done acupuncture, I recommend it. Primary Color Retro Relics out in Illinois. He’s been supporting me for my last couple of fights. I really like him. He’s got collectables, old Nintendos, I highly recommend hitting up his facebook. His name is Micky Tate. We have the Office On Main. Fighting for Autism, Jeremy White. I am an official ambassador for Fighting for Autism. I try to do everything I can to help them out. Jeremy White sponsors me out of his pocket. I have my little buddy Joe Everett at JTETV, He does photography and videos, look him up on facebook, he does great work. I can’t thank him enough for all the stuff he’s done for me, pictures he’s taken. He’ll be in my corner that night, I want to thank everyone who bought shirts for Breast Cancer Awareness at my last fight. We raised over $200 for Breast Cancer Awareness. I’ll be wearing all those shirts again. The Lakeside Mini Storage (918-637-0024) out by the Elks Lodge by the Keystone Dam. We’ve got Code Zero Customs, He’s done awesome work for me, he put a remote start in my car for the winter. He does great work, please look up his facebook.

Ben Greenwood