Jimmy Flick describes his tough XFN 352 win on UFC Fight Pass

Bruised and happy, Jimmy Flick and his family took some time Monday night to go to the Promenade Mall and celebrate his hard fought win with his Thunderkick teammates and coaches. He sat down for an interview to describe his win at XFN 352 and his future plans.

Q: Your opponent was a Brazilian out of Kansas?

A: Jiemeson Saudino, he was 8 – 5. He was coming back after a few year layoff. He was really looking to get a win and get his streak started back up again.

Q: It looked like at the beginning of the fight, both of you were standing up. Was that how you planned it, to exchange hands at the beginning?

A: Yeah, at the beginning of the fight we were going back and forth feeling each other out. I feel like I’m a lot bigger at 125 pounds, so I wanted to see how my power went, how everything was working. He came out and threw a few leg kicks, and caught me with a calf kick. So that’s when I decided to shoot in and take him down a little bit, try to get the submission. The submission didn’t come out, but I had a dominating first round, that’s for sure.

Q: One thing I noticed watching the fight on UFC Fight Pass, is both of you had good quality standup, both of you had good quality ground game. Your takedown game looked like it was better, and you really used that to your advantage. And also it looked like when you were on the ground, you kept going for the attack, for submission. Was that what you were looking for, to get the takedown, get the position, get the submission?

A: My style, I like to get right in there, get to the action, and try to get the finish as quick as possible. I’m looking to finish. I’m not looking to get a decision, and grind out a decision. I’m going to give it everything I’ve got. When it comes to the wrestling, most of the time my wrestling is better. I’ve been wrestling since I was 3 years old. And so I like to use that then emulate my jiu-jitsu. He is a black belt in jiu-jitsu, so I knew he was going to be tough. I had to wear him out a little bit and take a little bit of a beating as well. We were able to lock up the Von Flick #4 as a professional (von flue choke).

Q: You tried to go for the Von Flick twice, right?

A: The first time I tried to get it from the guard. I lot of people don’t know that when I tried to get it from within his guard, he was gurgling, I was gurgling, we were having a gurgle-a-thon. He was on the bottom squeezing (his guillotine attempt), he could feel me gurgling. I was squeezing, I could hear him gurgling. But we weren’t able to submit each other in the first round, we had too much heart, we had too much on the line to fight for. So we kept on fighting. It was great man.

And then in round 2 he got tired out, and I was able to lock it up.

Jimmy gets the Von Flick submission at XFN 352.

Jimmy gets the Von Flick submission at XFN 352.

Q: You had a lot of confidence in your ground game. I didn’t know he was a black belt, a Brazilian black belt, right?

A: Yes, right!

Q: You had a lot of confidence to go for your submission, to potentially lose out on your position. You had a lot of confidence to get that position back.

A: I’m very confidence on my back, whether I’m getting punched in the face or not. They say a lot of people get punched in the face and they go from black (belt), to brown, to purple, to blue, all the way down to white. It’s kind of like the opposite for me. I go from blue, to purple, to brown, to black as I’m getting punched in the face. That’s exactly what happened. I used him throwing all his punches, him landing all his damage to tire him out. Then I got my underhook, and came out the back. I got my takedown, got on top, and got the finish.

Q: That was a great win.

A: Yeah that was tough. It wasn’t easy at all. Honestly, it let me know how much heart I really have. Because the fight before, I got TKO’ed from leg kicks. I felt like I quit in that fight, and I didn’t want to quit in this fight. I didn’t want to lose again, that’s for sure. That’s really what made me push.

Q: What were some of the other things you drew upon to get the mental strength to endure through that? To endure through those elbows and ground and pound?

A: The crowd. A lot. I said that after the fight. I sell anywhere from 60 – 80 tickets per fight. The fight before when I lost, when I felt like I quit, I had over 80 people telling me, “You’ll get him next time. Better luck next time.” … I don’t like that… It didn’t feel good. When I was on my back getting beat up, I thought about that. I hear all those people yelling (in the crowd). I don’t want all of them to tell me there’s going to be a next time. So I did everything in my power to make sure I got the WIN. Where they can congratulate me on the win. And tell me they’re going to be there to see me win again. That’s what pushed me through to make sure I got the win last Saturday night.

Q: That’s amazing. That’s really good heart you demonstrated in that fight.

A: Yes sir.

Q: You sponsored a breast cancer cause, right?

A: All of my shirt sales raised over $200. All of the money will be donated towards breast cancer awareness. I have a sponsor who has been supporting me for a very long time. His wife is going through chemo right now. I did it for her. I wanted to give back to them personally, but they said they wanted me to donate it back. So that’s what I’m going to do, I’m donating it back towards cancer. Everybody that bought shirts, I really appreciate it. And we’re going to give over $200 towards breast cancer awareness.


Q: Wow. You’re a person with heart, exhibiting your toughness. And you’re a person with heart, being generous, being a part of the solution against breast cancer.

You’ve had some impressive wins lately. What are your future plans?

A: I’m hoping for something big! Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender show, I have my manager really trying to push for that. That’s what we want. Go out to Vegas, fight out there. I’m 3 – 1 in my last 4 fights, so I’m hoping that will really help me out a lot. But I only have a one fight win streak. I am back at 125 pounds. Within 24 hours after my fight, I was offered a fight in New York, which I turned down because it’s at 135 pounds. But the fights are coming, the offers are there. But if they’re not right, I’m not going to take them. I made a drop to 125 pounds because I want to stay at 125 pounds. That’s where I’m going to stay.

If you watch my fight, I took a lot of punches. At 135 pounds I might not being able to take that kind of punishment. At 125 pounds these guys aren’t as big, they’re not as strong, they’re not as powerful. I feel like I’m going to be able to take more, I’m going to be able to overwhelm more, and push through. Certain people feel like I’m going to be able to overpower and use my strength. Last Saturday was a learning experience back at 125, and I’m ready for my next opportunity.

Q: You showed really good at 125. Was that a pretty intense weight cut for you?

A: Over time it was, yeah it was a good learning experience. Now I know the weight cut is there. I think I might have cut too soon, because I wanted to try to make sure I made the weight class. I’ve never missed weight. The day I miss weight will be the day I quit fighting. That’s what I’ve always told my wife, I don’t agree to a fight unless I can make weight. And if I don’t make weight then obviously I didn’t do what I need to do, and I don’t need to fight anymore. That’s the way I see it as a fighter. And if that day ever comes then I will quit fighting.

Q: Your fight is available on UFC Fight Pass. That will help you get more exposure, right?

A: Yes, you can go back to UFC Fight Pass, and search for event XFN 352. Or search with Greg Hardy’s name since he is the big deal they like to promote, and the event will come up. I’m the first fight right there, kicking off the show. You can rewatch it, and we’re hoping for bigger fights from here on out.

Q: When is your next fight?

A: If XFN signs me back to fight at XFN 353, it will be November 30th here at River Spirit Casino. I don’t know if that will be on UFC Fight Pass again, that will depend on whether they lock the deal in or not. But you never know. If LFA signs me back and gives me a call, then I’ll fight for LFA again too. I just want to stay at 125 pounds.

Q: Briefly describe what Thunderkick and Thomas has to you and for your training?

A: Thunderkick Fitness is great. We have people at all experience levels. I tell people, I don’t care what experience level you are. If you’re in the gym, you’re helping me train, you’re helping me get ready for the fight, you’re helping me prepare. If I get the win, we all get the win.

Thomas has great training here, I love his standup. I haven’t been able to use my standup out there yet, but we know we’ve got it. Everybody sees it in here. I just love our family environment here at Thunderkick Fitness. Everybody is great, supportive. We have all learning aspects here at Thunderkick Fitness. I just love coming in, and working with everybody, learning from everybody, and just being like a family.

Q: We can’t wait to have you back in the gym after you get healed up, teaching everybody. You give quite a bit to the gym yourself, to guys who roll against you, and spar against you. Is there anything else you want to add?

A: I just appreciate you all, man. Thanks to Thunderkick for all the support. If there’s anyone who wants to try it out, come try it out!

Ben Greenwood