Buy your tickets now to watch Igor rumble at XFN 353!

Igor Lyashchenko will be fighting on the XFN 353 card at the River Spirit Casino on Friday November 30th. Get your tickets now from Igor or at the Thunderkick Gym in the Promenade Mall for your $45, $65, or $105 seats. Or you can purchase tickets online at

TK: What kind of fight is it going to be?

Igor: We were preparing for an MMA fight. But I was told we couldn't find a matchup. So I'm going to do a kickboxing fight again.

TK: What weight is it going to be at?

Igor: I hope it's going to be at 145. That's what I'm preparing for.


TK: How are you doing with your weight cut?

Igor: I have another 5 pounds to go, so I should be able to eat some turkey at Thanksgiving.

TK: Do you know anything about the opponent you are going against?

Igor: I just found out today, I think it is Cameron King? I never underestimate any fighter. He has fought Dusty Sparks. I respect him and give him credit.

TK: Does he hold any belts?

Igor: I saw a couple of belts. I'm not sure which promotion they are for. So I guess he has some experience.

TK: You initially were training for an mma fight, now you're getting ready for a kickboxing fight. How does that change your training?

Igor: We were doing a lot of ground technique, takedowns, coming up. We will need to exclude that for a little bit and get back to more cardio, punching, striking, mitts, pads.

TK: Are you selling tickets?

Igor: For this fight I will be selling some tickets. I have a couple dozen. So we'll see who wants to watch me fight.


TK: This is a higher end fight, a higher end ticket.

Igor: The tickets are going to be around $45. I've fought for XFN before. I've had two kickboxing fights and one mma fight. I like that promotion. I know the people who organize it. It's a pretty good promotion, good people.

TK: So this is going to be on November 30th, and you're going to be finishing your weight cut right around Thanksgiving. How are you going to do Thanksgiving this year?

Igor: I have five pounds to go, so I should be able to get some good meals in before the fight. Maybe I'll try to cut more than I have to, so I can eat more at Thanksgiving. (laughter)

TK: Is there anything you want to say to your fans?

Igor: Man, I love my fans. Without fans nobody would be fighting. Support is really, really important. I appreciate anybody who supports me. Anybody who doesn't, well they give me motivation to prove them wrong.

TK: Everybody, let's all go and buy some tickets and support Igor Lyashchenko on November 30th for his fight at 145 pounds!

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