Jimmy pushes for the XFN 135# title on UFC Fight Pass Friday February 1 at the Creek Casino.


Q: Tell us about your upcoming fight.

JImmy: I will be fighting on XFN 356. It wil be live on UFC Fight Pass. I’ll be fighting 13 - 5 Ray Rodriguez from San Antonio, TX for the 135 pound championship title.

Q: Tell us a little about Ray Rodriguez.

JImmy: I’ve known Ray for a long time. My career started in Corpus Christi, TX. I believe he is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt. He was on a 7 fight win streak. Both of our most recent losses are to Chris Gutierrez. So it’s going to be a good fight. He’s got good standup. He’s a well rounded fighter. So it’s going to be a 5, 5 minute round war.


Q: You’re moving up to 135?

JImmy: Yeah, we’re going to go back up to 135. It looks like the UFC is going to get rid of 125. My goal is to make it to the UFC, so if I gotta do it at 135, I’m going to do it at 135.

Q: How is this a big fight for you?

JImmy: It’s going to be on UFC Fight Pass. I’m going back to get my title. I used to be the champ, unfortunately I lost it. I’m on a 2 fight win streak now. I want my belt back. I want to make a statement. I’m fighting an opponent with almost 20 fights. He’s fought on LFA quite a few times. Headlined the show quite a few times actually. So to fight a game opponent like that on UFC Fight Pass and go out there and get a finish is going to be awesome!


Q: Is he only strong at grappling, or is he also good at standup?

JImmy: He actually started as a standup guy, knocking fools out. He knocked out a longtime training partner of mine, back when we were amateurs. I’ve watched him fight a long time. Now his ground game has evolved. I think his weakness is wrestling. My strong point is wrestling. He thinks his strong point is striking, and my weak point is striking. So come February first, we’re going to find out!

Q: Who are your sponsors?

JImmy: I’d like to give a shout out to Thunderkick Tulsa. Especially all of my training partners. We have an 8 week camp. We’ve already been putting in work. We’re always in the gym, working together, getting fighters ready. So I just want to give a shout out to Thomas Longacre and Daryl Wilson. Always helping me out. Getting me ready.

I’d like to give a shout out to the Office On Main, that’s where my official after party is going to be in Sand Springs. Code Zero Customs has already jumped on board. Big Elk is sponsoring me again. Sand Springs Elk Lodge. Fighting for Autism with Jeremy White, I really appreciate him doing everything he can to fight autism. I have a new sponsor, Simpson’s Truckline LLC, Waylon, I’m glad to work with him.

Q: Have you had any conversations with anyone connected with the UFC?

JImmy: Not personally. I know I’m on their radar. All it takes is that one fight. They could call before we get to February 1st. If they call, I’m taking it! I’m staying active on social media and in the fight game, fighting at 135… Hopefully I get that win and get to the UFC.

Q: Where can your fans buy tickets?

Jimmy: They can buy tickets from me directly by calling me, or getting a hold of me on facebook.

Ben Greenwood