Thunderkick moves to a bigger, better location at the Promenade Mall

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Recently, Thunderkick Tulsa moved to a larger, more central location within the Promenade Mall. We sat down with the Owner and Head Coach, Thomas “Thunderkick” Longacre to discuss the move.

Q: So what's new at Thunderkick?

A: We have a new location, a new vibe, a new atmosphere! A rejuvenating of the gym. It's like anything, when you buy a new car, you get that proud feeling. It looks good, feels great. You’re excited about how this car is going to drive! I'm excited about where the new location is going to take us. We're already getting a lot more foot traffic.


Q: Are you completely moved into the new location?

A: No, we still have a few things to move. A few upgrades to make. We're going to have our grand opening in the beginning of August.

At 1:19, Thomas talks about the kind of gym he’s building, and some history.

Q: What are some ways your gym is better than most other gyms?

A: We had someone who came in just today. He came in kind of hard, thinking it was that type of environment. But he saw a welcoming atmosphere, people greeted him. He saw that there were no egos, no intimidation factor. It was a relaxed environment, very welcoming. People helping each other out.

Thunderkick in Tyler, TX

Thunderkick in Tyler, TX

Q: How did you start the Thunderkick gym?

A: I was helping everyone else grow their gym business. I asked myself why can't I do this? Take the challenge and try and see what I can do with it. Life is a gamble, you have to take chances. I started Thunderkick in Tyler, TX. My first fight team was Team Thunder there. Once we got the team atmosphere, that's what sparked me to grow a brotherhood within the gym. I didn't have any brothers growing up, I was an only child. I was at the height of my fighting career, so they were my training partners too. As they grew, I grew as well. My guys got to be a part of my fight career, but also my personal life, which was great. We got that feeling of having brothers that would do anything for each other, and spilling blood sweat and tears. Besides me needing that, I saw that a lot of guys needed that too.

Some members of the Thunderkick fight team in Tyler, TX.

Some members of the Thunderkick fight team in Tyler, TX.

Life opened an opportunity to move back to Tulsa. I jumped to it, because most of my fight career was in Tulsa. When I moved back, I tried out for The Ultimate Fighter and made it all the way to the end. I hadn't opened the Jenks gym yet, because I was seeing where TUF would take me. Me and another guy had the exact same background, but he was a couple years younger than me. But the main thing is he wasn't a fighter like me, so he was beat like a drum his first match. But in that happening, me not being on the show, I wouldn't have had my gym, I wouldn't have met my wife, I wouldn't have my two girls. I'm pretty happy with that ultimate life direction.

Thunderkick Fitness in Jenks, OK.

Thunderkick Fitness in Jenks, OK.

So then I opened my gym in Jenks, bringing my gear up from Tyler, TX. Some of the gear stayed in Tyler with my guys who became coaches, who taught the same techniques I taught them. We had the gym there by the Jenks airport for a couple years. And then we moved to the Tulsa Promenade Mall. We were there a little over 3 years. We wound up growing out of that location, to this location down the hall. This spot is bigger, has more mall traffic.

Cardio kickboxing at the former Jenks location.

Cardio kickboxing at the former Jenks location.

Q: You're a busy person, why do you spend time coaching?

A: I believe coaching is part of my purpose and passion. I'm in the people business. I'm using my gifts and talents from fighting professionally for 15 years, all over the United States, overseas. Being on television and the radio. If you haven't done it, you shouldn't teach it.

Q: What are some of your goals for the gym going forward?

A: I'm excited to see the potential of growing the family. Seeing my fighters grow and realize their potential. On the mat and off.

Ben Greenwood